Eating Clean but No Time for Meal Prep? Check out Sun Basket Meal Delivery

Eating clean is a wonderful endeavor, but anyone who has embarked on the journey to better health can tell you it is no easy task.

For starters, prepping healthy meals – or even just planning them – can take up a lot of your time. You can’t just open a can of food and dump it in a pot when you’re eating clean. You must ensure there are no unhealthy added ingredients, and that your specific nutritional needs are being met.

Unfortunately, a lot of busy people fail at reaping the benefits of this part of becoming healthy because of the time it takes. The good news is there is now an effortless way to eat clean without a lot of free time: enter sun basket meal delivery.

Sun Basket is a company started by Justine Kelly. Justine is an award-winning chef who knows that eating healthy shouldn’t mean sacrificing either time nor taste. She created the company based on freshness and healthiness. Here’s how it works:

·    You visit the online website, and enroll as a new customer

·    You choose the meals you wish to purchase from an easily navigated screen complete with images of potential dishes

·    At each order, you choose three meals, which will then arrive at your door in a few days

sun basket meal delivery.

·    Packaged to maintain optimal freshness, transfer the food items to the appropriate places in your kitchen so they do not spoil

·    When ready to eat, read over the guide to each meal – no planning or prep necessary, as it has already been done for you.

The meals are always changing, so you don’t have to order the same boring food time and again. Each week you visit the website, there will be new meal options available which are just as delicious and healthy as those you’ve already tried.

Each box has three meals that are meant to be eaten by two people. If you’re single, however, you can make each meal and save a portion for the following day. Meals can be made in advance, or on an as needed basis – whichever works best for your schedule.

The meal plans include detailed nutritional information beside step by step instructions. This allows you to create delicious recipes from home without adding up calories or nutrient amounts on your own. Perfect for those following a limited calorie diet, or who are following a high protein diet.